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"To be strong" is a good way for you to have confidence in yourself.

However , just becoming without thinking is same as handing a sword to an insane Person. Nobody respects gorillas just because of the strongness.

The Japanese word "keiko"(= Practice) comes from "Put the light on the present by thinking of the post" In other word, learning a lesson from the past.
Predecessors left us various things in various forms for dear life. We cannot experience forms for dear life. We cannot experience those in this peaceful time we live. In addition, I don’t even want to do so.
However, you can learn a millionth part of those by continuing to do with all your might .

Those are "how human should be", acquired by predecessors at the risk of their life.

Only by gaining discretation, observing yourself objectively, and learning the correct use of body reasonably, you can continue to practice naturally.

If you could last long practicing, there would be a “way”. The word “way” has the meaning of continuation.

Moreover, discretation , criterion, and endurance which lead to everything,

Be generated there. Eventually you would get “your basis”

Those who doesn’t have “ their basis” tend to be influenced by others.

So they need to adapt themselves to others in each time, and nobody respects those people.

Surely violence is crime. It is not like what should be affirmed. However, there are a lot of things that you can learn only through this unfavorable thing.
Diseases can’t be cured without knowing the cause of them.
Equally,by Knowing a part of fight in the source of human, you can learn much more things. It is the same as cutting human body by a scalpel in order to cure a disease. It’s called“Demon’s hand. Buddha’s mind”.

Nihonbudougakusya we teach the reasonable use of power, the basic movement. The importance of posture.

In Nihonbudougakusya we teach the reasonable use of power ,the basic movement, the importance of posture, the way of losing weight , and health care by a specific method.

Upon admission

For admission of foreign

  • 50,000 yen admission fee
  • 30,000 yen per month
  • Leaders go from here and travel expenses 50,000yen

Pease provide the cost of living here is 30000yen a month if you would like to apprentice.

I counsel.



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